Alternative Payment Methods

You can indicate to use APM for payment authorization. This will require customers to complete an authorization step with chosen APM provider.

We return a link, generated by APM provider that you can redirect your customer to for authorization process. An authorization screen will be presented to customers where they login and approve the payment.

You need to provide apmRedirectUrl in the authorisePayment API so we can notify you about successful payment authorization by your client. After that you can trigger capture payment with payment ID returned in callback to provided apmRedirectUrl.

Currently available APM types :

Implementation Steps


Configure APM authorization

Open your payment flow in the Web Application and check your authorize payment action has payment-method-typeand apm-redirect-url set to receive parameters from authorize API call.

Configure APM authorization

As mentioned above, always pass apmRedirectUrl in the API call, and replace APM_METHOD_TYPE with the APM value value.

    -X POST
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxx"
    -d '{
      "query": "mutation authorizePayment($authorisePayment: AuthorisedPaymentInput!) {
        authorizePayment(authorisePayment: $authorisePayment) {
      "variables": {
         "authorisePayment": {
            "orderId": "5113e019-9316-4498-a16d-4343fda403eb",
            "flowId": "0c6d975e-f586-4fa6-8caf-863e69ac78d6",
            "amount": 1200,
            "currencyCode": "USD",
            "apmRedirectUrl": "",
              "type": "APM_METHOD_TYPE"


Handle Valid Error Response

We use an error pattern to handle next steps required. When an error is returned with error codeerror.authorize.requiresApmAuthorization then you must redirect your web application to the url.

The customer will be redirected to their APM account to confirm the payment authorization by logging into their APM account.

   "data": {
      "authorizePayment": null
   "errors": [
        "message": "Alternative payment method needs authorization:",
        "extensions": {
            "noTrace": true,
            "code": "error.authorize.requiresApmAuthorization",
            "url": ""


Handle Authorization Callback Response

When your customer has completed APM payment authorization, success/fail will be returned to theapmRedirectUrl with id of the payment as a query parameter.

In case there was and error during the client authorization or callback back to whenthen application from APM provider, we reply to the provided apmRedirectUrl but witherror query parameter.

It is recommended you use the id to call the getPayment API and verify the status of the payment.

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