WhenThen Checkout is a fully customisable, PCI compliant way to securely collect payments from your customers.


Accept Card Payments
Google Pay and Apple Pay
Alternative Payment Methods
PCI Compliant
SCA Ready
Mobile Responsive
User Input Validation
Custom Branding
Custom Styling

Which Checkout is Right for me ?

Do you need a fully custom checkout?No.Drop-in provides you with some configuration over the branding and styling of your checkout.Yes. Elements provides you the ultimate flexibility to control logics on your backend and handle 3DS and APM redirects on client side
Are you comfortable with extra development effort and maintenance work?No.Drop-In allows you to get up an running quickly, we handle creating a payment, APM redirects and 3DSecure.Yes. Elements requires you to handle API calls to create a payment, APM redirects and 3DSecure yourself.


When it comes to accepting payments there are a number of ways you can integrate with WhenThen's API. From Drop-In to Elements - choose the right checkout experience for you.

Building your own Checkout?

Use our APIs and build your own payment form or integrate with your existing checkout experience.

With our API-only solution, you have two options for accepting card payments:

  • Use our Vault SDK or Vault APIs to securely encrypt payment method details. This helps you ensure PCI compliance, as you're only required to submit SAQ A.
  • Collect and pass raw card data. This requires you to assess your PCI compliance according to SAQ D, the most extensive form of self-certification.

Next steps

Next up, follow our Getting Started guide to get set up with your API keys and start using the WhenThen Checkout SDK