Getting Started


Getting Started

Step 1 getting started
  • Start by connecting your Payment Processor(s).


Connection List

Step 2 connection list


Connect Payment Processor

Step 3 connect payment processor
  • You are prompted with a dialog to enter the Payment Processor API credentials.
  • Depending on the Payment Processor you're connecting, you will either have to enter login credentials via OAuth or API credential to complete the connection.
  • You can read our guide in the modal, or visit the documentation for the Payment Processor you are connecting.


Payment Processor Connected

Step 4 payment processor connected
  • Having entered valid credentials the Payment Processor should display as connected.
  • You can now use this Payment Processor to build your payment flow or build an automation.


Payment Processing Automation

Step 5 automation directory
Step 5 automation directory
  • Choose an orchestration recipe from our recipe directory (e.g. Create a new payment processing flow).
Step 5 automation preview
  • You can create a new automation, or add to an existing automation.
  • When starting you will create a new automation, and you can add recipes to this automation later.
Step 5 configure automation
  • The default payment processing automation will process a payment against your default payment processor, and capture immediately once an authorisation is received.
  • You can use our recipes to expand the automations to create switching and routing logic, or drag on conditions nodes to build your own logic.
  • You can use our recipes to expand the automations to delay capturing a payment or drag on a delay node.
  • Don't forget to publish your automation when you want it to be live. You can do this by clicking start, or publish on an updated automation.


Setup your Checkout

Step 6 setup your checkout
  • Now it's time for some brief coding. Follow our Checkout setup guide.


Process a Payment

Step 7 process a payment
  • Nearly there, the final step. Call our Payments API from your backend to authorise a payment.