Use Cases

Here are some example use cases of experiences and automations you can build with WhenThen.

  • 01.

    Tokenise Customer Payment Data

    PCI Level 1 Data Vault with multi-processor tokens, network tokens and account updating out-of-the-box so you can own your data and utilise it to build powerful payment experiences and automations.

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  • 02.

    Access Global Payment Processors

    Through a single, simple universal payments API click to connect and instruct payments processing and access local payment methods from over 20 global payment processors.

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  • 03.

    Reduce Unnecessary Payment Declines

    Reduce unnecessary payment declines and improve customer experience through smart payment retries of declined payments.

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  • 04.

    Mitigate Payment Processor Downtime

    Tackle payment processor downtime risk through alerts and payment processor redundancy/back-up.

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  • 05.

    Reduce Payment Processing Fees

    Process certain payments with local and lower cost payment processors to reduce fees.

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  • 06.

    Increase Card Authorisation Rates

    Route certain card payments based on any card, customer or business attributes to a payment processor most likely to authorize the payment.

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  • 07.

    Decrease Fraud and Chargebacks

    Prevent fraud and unncessary chargeback and easily enable and experiment with fraud provider rules and SCA events based on your business's risk tolerance.

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  • 08.

    Automate Refunds

    Remove manual effort of refunds with refund management with optional moderated checks if needed.

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  • 09.

    Automate Disputes Management

    Remove manual effort of disputes with automated dispute submissions with optional moderated checks if needed.

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  • 10.

    Quickly integrate new payment methods

    Successfully expand into new markets by routing foreign payments to local payment processors, optimizing SCA events, and supporting local payment methods.

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